The RoadWarrior Reporting Tool allows you to see the statistics and records of your time using RoadWarrior. You can find information such as the amount of time spent on a route, or the distance of any Routes taken. You can also save a copy of your data for your records.

To view the Reporting Tool, log onto Team as usual, and then click on the Reporting Tab.

Reporting tab

Download Report

First, select a start and end date for the period of time that you want to download a report for. This will also update the table, so you can preview what will be included in the download.

Set Dates

After that, click the Download icon in the upper right of the screen, then "Download All" button to download an excel spreadsheet of all your data. You can also download data for only the current view, i.e. Download History, Routes, Favorites, etc.

Download button

View Report

Simply select the Start Date and End Date to view activity for a certain period of time.

Three tabs allow you to drill down on your data: Routes, Activities and History.

Routes and Route Stops

The routes tab shows you your Route names, the start time, the end time, the location, the total time for the route, the total distance, and any notes made for each Route.

Warrior Tip: If you click on the name of a Route, more detailed information about each stop will appear.


The History tab shows you if/how Stops were changed over time.


The Favorites tab shows you your Favorites, their priority level, any phone numbers associated with the stop, and any notes (including hashtags).

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